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k40laser.se first started as a website to collect and educate new users with the very common China made K40 laser machine.

It all started with buying a K40 machine in 2013 and discovering all shortcomings and problems it has from the start.
Alot of groups on Facebook and Google+ has alot of information to help you get going with your machine.

I thought it was a good idea to collect everything on one website to refer to, if the problem has been known earlier.
All the texts on this website is made by me and not copied or otherwise stolen from anywhere.
If you see any language problems, let me know. English isn´t my first language and errors may and will appear 🙂

In 2016 the parts-store opened to serve mostly Europe with quick deliveries of parts, upgrades and products related to the K40 without letting the user wait for weeks or months for their parts.
Today the K40laser.se store is one of the biggest in Europe on optics and parts.

The intention of this website is not to say how you must do anything, rather a source of facts and inspiration how you can identify and change your machine to work better, for the type of work you are making.

The shop part of this page is owned by Firma HP Persson, VAT: SE8008087879-01
The picture in the top is from the city we are located in – Sundsvall, Sweden


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