Author - HP Persson

Behind the scenes – laser head modifications

Some evenings are better than others, tonight its laser head modification night :) We sell this modified in the store here - and as a bigger kit with mirror holders here. A article and video on the modifications can be found here Before starting After a hour of removing screws, time for a break :P This blog post is more of a "what´s going on at the HQ" type of stuff, get a blink of insight of what´s going on "behind the beam" of [...]

DIY article how to fix your laser head

This article is about a popular laser head avalible on ebay and other places. We sell this already modified in the store here - and as a bigger kit with mirror holders here. If you want to do the upgrade yourself, here is the article for you! And here is why you want to upgrade your laser head The screws bend and rust/oxidize and get stuck very easy (brass). New from steel will work much better. The harder springs will prevent the mirror from [...]

A sincere apology – and the road ahead

The latest months has been full of hard work, days starting at 5AM and ending at 2AM. One problem in November caused ripple-effects far in to February. Edited 2019-02-21: Since i wrote this article the support emails increased a bit - they will all be replied to before the weekend! Parcels are going out by the hundreds every day! To all customers who have been affected in one way or another, with delayed deliveries, re-sent shipments or other problems with the orders [...]

More Potentiometer kits in the making

At the HQ, which is now at my home (more about that in another article) i occupied the kitchen table. The most sold product if we don´t count optics, is the potentiometer upgrade kit. This is on the table tonight 20 kits to be soldered tonight. Last week with the store closed, the new opening is near and i´m aiming to have a clean support inbox and clean papers on pre-orders this week! Fingers crossed! This blog post is more of a "what´s [...]

K40 machine stops before job is done – fixes and issues

A lot of questions lately has been around machines stopping mid job, before the end or right away when starting a job. This is a issue no matter of your setup, controller type and/or other solutions. I will go through most common issues with communication for this problems in this article. 1: USB cable and setup - Most users have a laptop connected to their machine. Make sure all power saving programs/schemes are set to off. See guide here - If you are using [...]

No fire troubleshooting

This guide will help you identify and solve most problems with your laser machine not firing the laser beam. Make sure your K40 turns on and homes to zero position. If it doesn´t, check the fuse in the rear power connector before continuing. Step 1 Turn on your machine. Open the lid on your panel and push the test-button located on your power supply Yes, the laser is firing This is good, your PSU and laser tube is healthy and working. Go to Step 2 Yes, but only [...]

CW3000 cooler for lasers – Warning!

This is a very short article, i see posts about this CW3000 almost every day and i sadly see a lot of users buying it. The CW3000 is not a cooler - it´s a radiator and a fan with a small water tank. How it works The water is circulated by the CW3000 through the heat exhanger (radiator) and a fan is blowing on it to remove the heat. Sounds simple, it´s not. Your ambient temperature will be cooling the water you have. If [...]

Buyers guide to the Chinese K40 laser

This article is aimed to you looking to buy a K40 laser machine, but want more information before you decide yourself to buy one or not. Read this article, and check out all other articles about the k40 to get more information about this family of machines. Feel free to join the Facebook group if you have further questions. The machine Different types of K40 cases The K40 is often blue and white, but comes in a variation of colors, black-red, red-white, orange-black and [...]

Warning for new machine owners – grounding issues

This is a short warning with information how to solve the issue. More and more machines are delivered with deadly configuration on the grounding of the electronics. In China, the electric standard is not well built and many houses still do not have ground solutions in their house. So the machines are built by their standard, when we in EU or US or other parts of the world often have a good ground setup already in our homes since many years. If [...]