Author - HP Persson

Cleaning your mirrors and lens

Mirrors ans lenses are delicate products and should be handled with care. Here is my suggestion of how to clean your mirrors and lenses with least damage and risk of scratching the surface. Suggested tools - Gloves (wool/cotton or ESD type) - Tweezers - Denatured alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol - Micro fiber cloth Caution Si-mirrors and ZnSe lens has a coating you dont want on your fingers, aswell as your fingers contain oils you don´t want on your lens/mirror. Always use gloves when handling mirrors and lenses. There [...]

Mirror types for your Laser

There is a lot of different types of mirrors for our lasers. Some better than others, and some you will not see any difference on the K40. Contact us if you need help choosing mirror for your machine. Si Mirror Silicon Glass Gold Coated. Good reflective index for our machines (less than 50w) High reflective index, needs cleaning more often. Cu Mirror Copper mirror, better than MO, a bit below SI when talking about reflective index Mo Mirror Molybdenum mirror. Can withstand alot of "abuse" but have less [...]

A word on USB-hubs

A small note on usb-hubs and using older computers or pad´s to run the machines. All computers has a usb-host controller, this one controls the data sent out and powers the ports. On older computers or smaller laptops there is one host-controller for all ports. On newer machines there is often one controller per port, or per set of ports.   What may happen is your laser starts to freeze up, it hesitates for a half second and then runs again. This happens because [...]