Watercooling – a deep dive

This article is work in progress, suggest changes or addons to it in the comments. Cooling your laser tube is one of the most important things you have to do 110% on your machine. The most expensive part in your machine is the laser tube and a new one will set you back 100-150 USD plus a month of waiting if you can´t find one locally or pay premium shipping. With this article i want to go trough the watercooling, how [...]

How it works: Exhaust in your laser machine

This is a hot topic on many Facebook groups and forums, where people quickly suggests links and details of what they bought and how good it works. But very few of these people actually know why it works good, and if it will work good for the reader. To start off this article - you do not need a big fan to have a good exhaust. What a big fan does is complementing the problems with the machine and exhaust setup, but [...]

How it works: The article series

Beginning today i´m writing a new article series about our lasers. Often when visiting Facebook groups, forums and other social networks the replies to a question have multiple different solutions, some good, some bad and some that isn´t connected to real world nature laws at all. The questions asked regards to air assist, exhaust fans and water pumps. Most of the replies are wrong, exaggerated or plain delusional Example: Add air assist and everything´s good. or buy a big exhaust, solves everything. Many of [...]