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July vacation and some other news!

July vacation times July 5th to 31st we have vacations wrapping around us two working with packing parcels, there is always at least one available every weekday to pack up orders. Due to this the 24hr guarantee is no longer active - it´s 48hrs for July. August 1st the 24hr guarantee is back again. Store reboot The first months after the store "reboot" has passed and i´m happy i took the time to make the changes and upgrades. For new readers, long story short...

Support closed Monday to Wednesday – and we´re hiring!

We have been battling a war with our current support ticket system, where tickets got compromised, some tickets completely random entered the system and got corrupt so they were never seen. This will be completely solved now! Instead of testing and failing ourselves we hired people in the CRM branch - who eat and breathe solutions we are trying to achieve, they looked at our operations, what we needed and how to set up a lean solution to integrate all...

Buyers guide to the Chinese K40 laser

This article is aimed to you looking to buy a K40 laser machine, but want more information before you decide yourself to buy one or not. Read this article, and check out all other articles about the k40 to get more information about this family of machines. Feel free to join the Facebook group if you have further questions. The machine Different types of K40 cases The K40 is often blue and white, but comes in a variation of colors, black-red, red-white, orange-black and...


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