In this space we collect articles, posts and smaller news not related to the FAQ articles.
We might show whats going on right now, smaller updates or just plans and ideas on the bench for future products.

More Potentiometer kits in the making

At the HQ, which is now at my home (more about that in another article) i occupied the kitchen table. The most sold product if we don´t count optics, is the potentiometer upgrade kit. This is on the table tonight 20 kits to be soldered tonight. Last week with the store closed, the new opening is near and i´m aiming to have a clean support inbox and clean papers on pre-orders this week! Fingers crossed! This blog post is more of a "what´s [...] laser parts store closing for two weeks middle of January

The parts store of K40laser was from the beginning something i made on my spare time on evenings with 5-6 orders per week. Today we are up to 50-60 orders per week and having a hard time with logistics, actual space in our shop and time to effective handling of orders and support questions. I need to get back to zero, bring up the stock and make physical arrangements in all our parts and see what we really have in stock [...]

Store and support update and information

November was a really bad month for us. In a good way we increased orders from 50 per month to over 500 expedited orders in 45 days. This put a lot of strain on me as a single company operator, aswell as keeping everything organized and follow up on support requests. A few of you have probably experienced slow or even no arrival of orders within this time and i am truly sorry for this and have been working day and [...]


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