Cooling your laser is one of the most important systems in your machine. Without proper cooling your laser tube will die quickly.

Please note, the articles in here is based on my long experience in custom computer cooling, which is similar to the cooling system we use on theese machines.
There is other words about what to use as coolant and how to take care of your cooling loop, you have to read and evaluate yourself what seems logic.
The articles i write here is how i do it and what has been working good for me for 10-15 years.

CW3000 cooler for lasers – Warning!

This is a very short article, i see posts about this CW3000 almost every day and i sadly see a lot of users buying it. The CW3000 is not a cooler - it´s a radiator and a fan with a small water tank. How it works The water is circulated by the CW3000 through the heat exhanger (radiator) and a fan is blowing on it to remove the heat. Sounds simple, it´s not. Your ambient temperature will be cooling the water you have. If...

Watercooling – a deep dive

This article is work in progress, suggest changes or addons to it in the comments. Cooling your laser tube is one of the most important things you have to do 110% on your machine. The most expensive part in your machine is the laser tube and a new one will set you back 100-150 USD plus a month of waiting if you can´t find one locally or pay premium shipping. With this article i want to go trough the watercooling, how...

Watercooling, different coolants

What to cool a laser machine with has been and probably will be a split opinion for many users. When asked in forums and discussion groups the replies are many and spread across a lot of different mixes and products. With this article i will explain the different mixes, what they do and how they fit our machines, and why some may not fit. In the end, it´s up to you as the owner to decide what mixture you want to use, read...

Top 2 reasons why your laser tube dies

Most of us experience this sooner or later, but if you experience it really close to where your machine was delivered, here is the two top reasons why your laser tube died. 1: Overpowering the tube While the tubes are called 40w, they cannot really handle 40w and has a effective output of about 30-35 watts depending on tube quality. This mostly happens on the digital versions of the K40, where the milliamp. output isnt visible, only a percentage of the power. Theese...

Cleaning your laser tube

Sometimes there is a need to clean your tube, you may have got algae growth or mineral deposits inside the tube. Empty your tank, fill it with tap water and empty it. Buy a couple of litres vinegar and do a 50-50 mix with cold tap water and start the pump and let it run trough your system over night, check the status next day and run it more if needed. Repeat if needed, and go with a 75-25 mix if the...


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