K40 machine stops before job is done – fixes and issues

K40 machine stops before job is done – fixes and issues

A lot of questions lately has been around machines stopping mid job, before the end or right away when starting a job.
This is a issue no matter of your setup, controller type and/or other solutions.

I will go through most common issues with communication for this problems in this article.

1: USB cable and setup
– Most users have a laptop connected to their machine. Make sure all power saving programs/schemes are set to off. See guide here
– If you are using a usb-hub, make sure its powered.
– Change the stock USB cable to a higher quality, shielded USB cable. Keep it as short as possible. You do not need USB3, USB2 is good enough.

2: Interference from the machine and other machines in your house
Several users has reported their machines turning, stopping or losing the connection completely random.
In some cases i could watch it IRL, and we found out that other machines in the house affected the laser. In one case it was a water heater, when it turned on the laser stopped, even as it was in the basement of the house and not close to the machine.
In this case, a EMI-filter will solve this issue. The K40 and the electronics are very sensitive for slightest disturbance in your local wiring, also it sends out a “noise” that can affect other stuff.
In my home my security cameras flip the image 180 degrees and turn on/off randomly with the machine running without a EMI-filter.
Grab a 10-16A EMI-filter made for 250V and install between the internal connector in the machine and the PSU.

3: Other machinery on the same phase
If you run other heavy machine, like vacuums, compressors and similar machines pulling a lot of power, these can disturb your laser.
For some users it´s enough with moving the machine to it´s own phase in the house, others needs a EMI-filter if there is only one phase where you have the laser machine.

4: Grounding the host computer and the laser together.
Some users has reported making a ground connection between the laptop/computer and the laser machine USB ground has solved their issues.

And as always, make sure your ground is 100% perfect. Do not ground it both on the ground bolt and from the wall outlet, this will cause ground potential differences and might be a source to problems like this.

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  • Alonso Cambronero Reply

    I have been suffering from disconnections (the PC plays the USB disconnect sound) whenever my active chiller would kick in. This would also happen if I turned on/off a small fan on my table, or the air extractor on the ceiling.
    I have to use a long (2.4 meter) USB extension to plug my laser to the computer.
    Yesterday, I decided to connect the laser using a powered USB 2.0 hub and the problem seems to be solved. If the probloem comes back again, I will order the EMI filter.

    2020-01-14 at 16:24

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