FAQ & how-to on your K40 laser machine

DIY article how to fix your laser head

This article is about a popular laser head avalible on ebay and other places. We sell this already modified in the store here - and as a bigger kit with mirror holders here. If you want to do the upgrade yourself, here is the article for you! And here is why you want to upgrade your laser head The screws bend and rust/oxidize and get stuck very easy (brass). New from steel will work much better. The harder springs will prevent the mirror from [...]

K40 machine stops before job is done – fixes and issues

A lot of questions lately has been around machines stopping mid job, before the end or right away when starting a job. This is a issue no matter of your setup, controller type and/or other solutions. I will go through most common issues with communication for this problems in this article. 1: USB cable and setup - Most users have a laptop connected to their machine. Make sure all power saving programs/schemes are set to off. See guide here - If you are using [...]

No fire troubleshooting

This guide will help you identify and solve most problems with your laser machine not firing the laser beam. Make sure your K40 turns on and homes to zero position. If it doesn´t, check the fuse in the rear power connector before continuing. Step 1 Turn on your machine. Open the lid on your panel and push the test-button located on your power supply Yes, the laser is firing This is good, your PSU and laser tube is healthy and working. Go to Step 2 Yes, but only [...]

CW3000 cooler for lasers – Warning!

This is a very short article, i see posts about this CW3000 almost every day and i sadly see a lot of users buying it. The CW3000 is not a cooler - it´s a radiator and a fan with a small water tank. How it works The water is circulated by the CW3000 through the heat exhanger (radiator) and a fan is blowing on it to remove the heat. Sounds simple, it´s not. Your ambient temperature will be cooling the water you have. If [...]

Warning for new machine owners – grounding issues

This is a short warning with information how to solve the issue. More and more machines are delivered with deadly configuration on the grounding of the electronics. In China, the electric standard is not well built and many houses still do not have ground solutions in their house. So the machines are built by their standard, when we in EU or US or other parts of the world often have a good ground setup already in our homes since many years. If [...]

Mirror alignment – the ultimate guide

Welcome to the ultimate alignment guide for your laser machine. This guide has some tips and hints regarding the popular K40 machine type, but this can be used for any laser machine on the market as the science behind movement of a laser beam is the same on all of them. 90% of the errors in laser machines are not skewed or non-square gantrys, it´s bad alignment of the three mirrors in the machine not lining up with each other. Some of [...]

Setting the proper focus in your K40

Focus is very important for your work, if you are out of focus you will lose power or get strange effects when engraving. This is the most common issue with new users on the k40 machine, the information from the seller how to use the k40 is very limited so this information is not there and a new user tend to search for other problems causing it, when it´s actually the bed and focal distance doing it. So, what is focus? You [...]

K40D the upgrade project – part one

The K40D is well known for beeing one of the better K40 versions out there, with it´s upgraded controller board (HT Master) and the famous gold-ish styled gantry. Is it really possible to upgrade this beast? sure, or, maybe? let´s find out! This project will be massive with deep diving into most of the stuff the laser is made up of, everything from the controller, water cooling, electric and buttons and so on. Even if you have a regular K40 you can [...]

Watercooling – a deep dive

This article is work in progress, suggest changes or addons to it in the comments. Cooling your laser tube is one of the most important things you have to do 110% on your machine. The most expensive part in your machine is the laser tube and a new one will set you back 100-150 USD plus a month of waiting if you can´t find one locally or pay premium shipping. With this article i want to go trough the watercooling, how [...]

Upgrade your power supply – save money and time

This article is just the findings and results we found on several PSU´s but we cannot yet explain why or how this happens. Are you a electric engineer or have knowledge about the workings of the PSU and able to explain this phenomena in greater detail? comment below or contact me trough email - thanks! The power supplys in our beloved K40 machines are poorly built, the power in them is barely enough for running the machine itself. I have been following [...]