FAQ & how-to on your K40 laser machine

Troubleshooting a “no fire” issue

A new article about troubleshooting a no-fire issue is published here. Quick troubleshooting when the machine is not firing the laser any more. To begin with, make sure all wires and connections are good in the machine and make sure all cables are where they should be. Read up on the grounding-article here 1: Start the machine Does the machine home to top left position? if it does - go to #2 If it does not move - check fuses in the back of the [...]

Install a mA-meter on your K40 laser

Adding a mA-meter to your machine is one of the most important modifications you can do on this machine. The mA-meter will read the power trough your laser tube allowing you to set the power to a safe value to prevent the laser tube from over powering and thus saving the life span of the laser tube. Read more here about the most common reasons why your laser tube dies. Tools needed - Wire stripper, cutter and crimp tool. - Pliers or small wrench [...]

Upgrade your analog power knob

This is a upgrade of the analog power potentiometer to give you better control over the power level. It´s also easier to remember a number than a location of the pot. You can buy this from me prebuilt, ready to connect to your machine here. Or follow this guide to make your own! If you want to convert your digital K40 to analog with this solution - check out this conversion article. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnDlF1QEebI Tools you need - Soldering iron and solder - Wire stripper and cutter Parts [...]

K40 Whisperer – replacement software

This looks good, a new software who can talk with our K40 machines. Not sure if it´s compatible with all five types of controller, but it will show with time. I´m doing a deeper test with this on my HT Master 5 controller later this weekend. Check out the website: http://www.scorchworks.com/K40whisperer/k40whisperer.html Here´s a video showing the software. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEUJQFAEDcE

Upgrades & improvements on the K40

The K40 machine is a awesome little product who makes it easy for hobby and semi-pro use to get going with laser cutting or engraving. It´s far from perfect and needs a hand to work as you intended. First reading should be the article about checking your machine - read it here. Water cooling Coolant tank Depending on where you live, it might be a good option to have a bigger tank 15-25L or more. If you live in a hot climate, you need a [...]

How it works: Exhaust in your laser machine

This is a hot topic on many Facebook groups and forums, where people quickly suggests links and details of what they bought and how good it works. But very few of these people actually know why it works good, and if it will work good for the reader. To start off this article - you do not need a big fan to have a good exhaust. What a big fan does is complementing the problems with the machine and exhaust setup, but [...]

How it works: The article series

Beginning today i´m writing a new article series about our lasers. Often when visiting Facebook groups, forums and other social networks the replies to a question have multiple different solutions, some good, some bad and some that isn´t connected to real world nature laws at all. The questions asked regards to air assist, exhaust fans and water pumps. Most of the replies are wrong, exaggerated or plain delusional Example: Add air assist and everything´s good. or buy a big exhaust, solves everything. Many of [...]

Mirror alignment – no more sweat and tears – Updated!

This is the old alignment guide - check out the new guide here! Mirror alignment is the action many of us fear the most, looking at videos and reading guides and after two weeks your mirrors are still not aligned. Many of the guides and how to´s forget the most important part of aligning, that the pieces you try to align actually are aligned themselves. I have therefore made this guide in three parts, with three steps in each part., how you [...]

Adding more parts to the machine, lights and other.

The K40 machines differs a lot in what parts and function is has added, some has extra lights, laser dots and different parts already fitted, others are bare lasers. These machines are already on the edge of what the power supply can handle, adding more load to it may create problems. To solve this, we suggest that everything you add to the machine is connected trough a own power supply or smaller wall plug with correct voltage. Doing this you can rule [...]

3D printed parts – in a laser?

Home and desktop machines as lasers, 3D printers and other CNC are more avalible for everyone nowadays, this introduces a lot of modifications and bits and pieces to extend or make your laser better. Some voices has been raised about using 3D printed parts inside a laser, heat and PLA/ABS plastic is usually not a good combination. But in the lasers there is really no danger about it. You can use parts close to the beam or other parts without any [...]