FAQ & how-to on your K40 laser machine

Mirror alignment – no more sweat and tears – Updated!

This is the old alignment guide - check out the new guide here! Mirror alignment is the action many of us fear the most, looking at videos and reading guides and after two weeks your mirrors are still not aligned. Many of the guides and how to´s forget the most important part of aligning, that the pieces you try to align actually are aligned themselves. I have therefore made this guide in three parts, with three steps in each part., how you [...]

Adding more parts to the machine, lights and other.

The K40 machines differs a lot in what parts and function is has added, some has extra lights, laser dots and different parts already fitted, others are bare lasers. These machines are already on the edge of what the power supply can handle, adding more load to it may create problems. To solve this, we suggest that everything you add to the machine is connected trough a own power supply or smaller wall plug with correct voltage. Doing this you can rule [...]

3D printed parts – in a laser?

Home and desktop machines as lasers, 3D printers and other CNC are more avalible for everyone nowadays, this introduces a lot of modifications and bits and pieces to extend or make your laser better. Some voices has been raised about using 3D printed parts inside a laser, heat and PLA/ABS plastic is usually not a good combination. But in the lasers there is really no danger about it. You can use parts close to the beam or other parts without any [...]

Windows 10 and CorelLaser

Some have experience problem with using their Windows 10 computer with CorelLaser. This is due to a update of Windows called the anniversary update, with this windows denies unsigned drivers to be installed. Solutions 1: Have a computer without the anniversary update, install the Corel and CorelLaser software. Plug in the machine, and update after that. 2: It may work recovering and removing a update, before you do this, uninstall Corel and CorelLaser with a uninstaller software, like Revo Uninstaller first, then remove the [...]

Watercooling, different coolants

What to cool a laser machine with has been and probably will be a split opinion for many users. When asked in forums and discussion groups the replies are many and spread across a lot of different mixes and products. With this article i will explain the different mixes, what they do and how they fit our machines, and why some may not fit. In the end, it´s up to you as the owner to decide what mixture you want to use, read [...]

Top 2 reasons why your laser tube dies

Most of us experience this sooner or later, but if you experience it really close to where your machine was delivered, here is the two top reasons why your laser tube died. 1: Overpowering the tube While the tubes are called 40w, they cannot really handle 40w and has a effective output of about 30-35 watts depending on tube quality. This mostly happens on the digital versions of the K40, where the milliamp. output isnt visible, only a percentage of the power. Theese [...]

Cleaning your laser tube

Sometimes there is a need to clean your tube, you may have got algae growth or mineral deposits inside the tube. Empty your tank, fill it with tap water and empty it. Buy a couple of litres vinegar and do a 50-50 mix with cold tap water and start the pump and let it run trough your system over night, check the status next day and run it more if needed. Repeat if needed, and go with a 75-25 mix if the [...]

Tilt your PSU´s – save your PSU from dying

The most important thing with electronics is sufficient cooling. You don´t need to follow this article and flip your PSU, but look into adding one or more fans to take out the hot air from the smaller compartment. Electronics are sensitive for heat and high temperatures. The higher temps the less efficiency you get out of the PSU. And now we are talking about Chinese middle class quality the temperatures are more important than ever. Here is my solution to this problem. [...]

Cleaning your mirrors and lens

Mirrors ans lenses are delicate products and should be handled with care. Here is my suggestion of how to clean your mirrors and lenses with least damage and risk of scratching the surface. Suggested tools - Gloves (wool/cotton or ESD type) - Tweezers - Denatured alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol - Micro fiber cloth Caution Si-mirrors and ZnSe lens has a coating you dont want on your fingers, aswell as your fingers contain oils you don´t want on your lens/mirror. Always use gloves when handling mirrors and lenses. There [...]

Mirror types for your Laser

There is a lot of different types of mirrors for our lasers. Some better than others, and some you will not see any difference on the K40. Contact us if you need help choosing mirror for your machine. Si Mirror Silicon Glass Gold Coated. Good reflective index for our machines (less than 50w) High reflective index, needs cleaning more often. Cu Mirror Copper mirror, better than MO, a bit below SI when talking about reflective index Mo Mirror Molybdenum mirror. Can withstand alot of "abuse" but have less [...]


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