Surfactant/anti-algea additive for coolant


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This additive is produced by and optimized for laser usage.
Together with Mid Sweden University we have been researching a optimized coolant additive to prevent both algea growth and lowering the surface tension of the coolant without any affect on metals in the loop or impact on conductivity.

Delivered in a bottle of 100ML
Manufactured in UK.

Works with aluminium, copper and nickel in your loop without corrosion risks. Perfect for use with coolers or radiators.

How to use
Add 50ML to every 10L destilled water, let the pump circulate 10 minutes before use.
In a closed system the water can be changed as rarely as every 6 months.
Read this article to learn more how to optimize your coolant and cooling.

Please note – best effect is reached with destilled water.
RO, DI or other types of clean water will “re-ionize” trough the air and make the coolant both more conductive and regain the surface tension quicker. It can be used with DI/RO water but we do not recommend it as it lower the interval you need to change water by 50-75%.

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