K40 rebuild kit – controller + motors C3D


K40 rebuild kit – controller + motors C3D

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This is a complete rebuild-kit for the serious user.
Includes everything – no addons – nothing more needed to make your K40 a badass machine.
This kit can be used on any size laser machine – perfect if you want to build a bigger one – stepper motors suitable for up to 2×2 meter sizes.

If you really want to make your K40 move like “Jagger” this is the kit you want.
The upgraded stepper motors and controller will make your machine stutter & vibrate less, and move more exact and quicker.

This kit includes
Cohesion3D LaserBoard laser controller board
Lightburn software license
LCD Display with adapter for Cohesion3D controller
Two external stepper drivers and adapters
24v PSU
– Potentiometer upgrade with LCD 
– Cable harness for PSU, C3D board and power buttons
– Two Nema17, 2.4A stepper motors, 0.9 degree per step.
Mechanical end-stop upgrade
– Zip-ties and anchors for cable routing

Installation instructions
The cable harness is pre-built for you and ready to connect to the power supply and controller.
Your current wire loom can be thrown out and will be replaced with the included one.
All stepper drivers are pre-wired and tested – plug and play!

All kits are tested before we ship them – we only deliver the top of the line and what you get in your post is ready to use right away!


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