K40 expansion DIY kit

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Please note!
This is a DIY kit, you need to put it together yourself.
All parts needed are NOT included, see list below what you need to get yourself, or buy the addons.
If you do not choose to add the laser head, a bracket to hold the standard laser head for K40 is included.

This kit works with M2 nano, HT Master, Cohesion3D and Ruida controllers.

Parts are currently 3d-printed - please allow four (4) weekdays to prepare your order!

Installation manuals, both written and video coming soon!

Included in this kit
- All bolts, washers and nuts needed
- Drive belts and pulleys
- 3D-printed pieces for the gantry
- Mechanical end-stops
- Cable/drag chain for X and Y axis
- 2nd mirror mount

Additional addons
- Laser head with movable lens
- Cohesion3D controller with external stepper drivers
- Lens & mirror kit
- Upgrade 3D-printed parts to aluminium
- 1st mirror mount (closest to tube)

What you need if you do not buy the addons
- 2x400mm 20x40 and 1x600mm 20x40 aluminium extrusion.
- MGN12H sliders, 2x400mm and one 1x700mm (or the width you plan to make)
- 1x Nema17, 1.8 degree stepper motor (you can re-use your old steppers)
- 1x Nema17, 1.8 degree stepper motor, with a shaft through (you can re-use your old steppers)
- 1x 5mm axle, 500-700mm long (depending on width of your upgrade)

K40 expansion DIY kit

From:  120.00

Upgraded and wider gantry to fit inside your k40 machine – up to 400x700mm

MGN linear rails for expansion-kit

This addon contains the three MGN linear rails needed for the K40 expansion kit.

Available on backorder

Aluminium extrusions for expansion-kit

Contains the aluminium extrusions needed for the K40 Expansion kit.

Available on backorder

Nema17 stepper motors for expansion-kit

Kit with two stepper motors for the DIY expansion kit.

Available on backorder

Drive shaft for expansion-kit

Axle for connecting left and right side of the drive system.

In stock

Adjustable laser head with air assist

Easy to set the focus with this adjustable laser head

In stock

Cohesion3D bundle for expansion kit

Cohesion3D kit with two external stepper drivers and 24V power supply.

In stock

Upgrade to aliminium parts

This changes the 3D-printed pieces to aluminium.

Out of stock

In stock

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