Cohesion3D Mini – laser upgrade bundle

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Cohesion3D is a well known player with their Cohesion3D Mini with many machines upgraded with their controller board.

Cohesion3D Mini is a drop-in replacement for your controller board.
The Cohesion3D Mini can replace most of the controllers avalible, for M2 Nano, HT Master 5/6 and HT Xeon controllers the installation is done in less than 15 minutes.
Contact us for installation instructions for other types of controllers!

WIth the Cohesion3D Mini you can use any GCode-software to run your work, either trough the USB cable or from the memory card. We suggest Lightburn software. You can add a license with your laser upgrade kit.

Included in this Cohesion3D Mini package
– Cohesion3D Mini Controller
– Two A4988 stepper drivers
– MicroSD card with configuration pre-loaded.

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