Ruida RD RDC6442G DSP

Ruida RD RDC6442G DSP


Ruida RD controller for upgrading your K40 to heaven!

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RDC6442 system is the latest laser engraving & cutting control system developed by Ruida Technology, this control system has better stable hardware with anti static resistance to high pressure. Based on 3.5-inch colorful screen human-machine operation system, with better operation interface and stronger functions, excellent motion control functions, high-capacity file memory, with strong compatible 2-way independent adjustable laser power control interface, strong compatible U disk drive program, multiple ways general/dedicated IO control.


  • The controller has better resistance to high voltage and anti static ability
  • One-way 24V power supply(compatible with 36V, but not recommended)
  • Support all brands and capacities of U disks, quick and strong compatible copy ability
  • 256M large-capacity file nonvolatile storage on board, no bottlenecks limit for file size
  •  Capable of self-checking defective track, can format memory, good in fault tolerance
  • 10/100M Ethernet + USB2.0 communication mode for optional
  • Multi-way general large-current IO, convenient for function extension
  • Display processing path, file preview
  • Display processing progress bar
  • Communication mode can be chosen automatically
  • The max. four-axis stepper/servo motor open-loop control
  • Two-way independent digital/analog interface, software can be adjusted respectively, convenient for double laser heads control; Dedicated RF laser control interface
  • Soft/hard limit coordinates protection for optional
  • Support linear/circular arc/B-spline interpolation function
  • Online update main board program, convenient for maintenance and functions customization.
  • Auto-feeding, up and down, rotating engraving,left-right pushing plate, etc.Support feeding line by line, slope engraving function
  • Support Power-off restart for engraving, work time preview (high accuracy to millisecond, the preview time is exact to the actual working time, the other vendor cannot realize)
  • Support machines backlash compensation function
  • Increase Z axis linkage function
  • System Power-on resetting or not resetting for optional
  • Support multiple positioning points logic
  • All manufacturer/user parameters can be backup and restored
  • Support double laser heads automatic layout and multiple virtual arrays automatic layout, leftover material function

Application area: laser cutting, laser engraving, laser welding etc.


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