Laser head with air assist – 18mm


Laser head with air assist – 18mm


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For 18mm lens and 20mm mirror (not included)

Allow 24hrs after order before shipping – right now we are modifying and testing these on order.

Our version is optimized with better seal between the upper and lower chambers, extra o-rings and a optimized air assist input to prevent leaking air between the top and bottom surface aswell preventing a vortex beeing created inside the cone. (if needed, some delivered are good enough and others needs modification after our inspection.)
All products are tested in a laser machine before they are avalible for sale, ordering this laser head guaranteeĀ“s that you get only the best product!

This laser head nozzle is the only one we recommend due to the problems most of the nozzles have – you can read my article about it here!

Delivered with the nozzle and installation instructions. This head is a bit higher than your original so a new head plate is needed – a PDF/DXF file is included to cut one before you install!


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