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This is a addon to the interlock kit.

This sensor is actually a temperature sensor quick reading the temps inside the machine case.
Add this with the included capton-tape above the exhaust port.
If it reads dangerous temperatures the sensor will shut down the machine, trigger the exhaust relay to shut of the fan aswell as sound a visible and audible alarm to notify you the fire sensor has triggered. The sound from the fire sensor is different than the regular alarms.

Starving the fire from oxygen is very important, you can run this sensor without the exhaust relay but its not recommended.
Small flare-up´s will not trigger the alarm, as they do not carry any heat for more than a short second. The fire alarm does 15 readings per second and looks for a pattern of increasing fire.
The sensitivity can be lowered if you do a lot of wood cutting with heavy smoke.

The external relay can also be connected to your house fire alarm or security alarm.

This addon contains
One sensor with 1m cable to put in your machine.
A extra relay to connect your exhaust fan to.

You need a PC to re-program the Interlock and edit code to make this work properly.
Instructions how to connect it is included in the order.

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