Peltier DIY cooling kit – 320w


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This kit has a total power of 320 watts, it will cool down a tank with 10L water to 15c in 20 minutes with a 25c ambient temp.
It´s a dual loop – meaning the hot side is not fan cooled but water cooled to help the efficiency of the peltiers.

Please note!
This is a kit with parts only – you need to connect it youself!
A peltier setup is not 100% efficient, it will eat electricity so do a calculation before buying what your power bill will be with this connected. Calculate with a power draw of 350w.
This peltier kit is tested for up to 30c ambient temp on a 50w machine with regular cutting jobs stretching to 15-20 minutes without problems at 18c coolant temp.

The kit contains
– 4x 80w peltier elements
– Thermal paste for the peltier elements
– Brackets to hold the blocks to the peltiers.
– 3x cooling blocks
– 2x 12v pumps (one for the hot side, one for the cold side)
– Thermostat function where you can set min-max temps.
– 2 meters of hoses
– All cables and connectors you need

What you need
– A 12V PSU with at least 400 watts effect.
– 2X Coolant tanks with lids, aprox 5-10L
– Basic knowledge of cable connections and wiring.
To keep shipping cost down, we do not include this in the kit.

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