Laser training & help

If you can´t find the help you need on this webpage, Youtube or in our Facebook group, or just want a personal approach on your problem you can hire me either to teach or help you solve a problem.

What i do
– Step-by-step guides how to troubleshoot a problem on your machine
– Suggest changes and fixes to achieve what you trying to do
– File fixes or CAD drawings of shapes or parts you want to cut. NOT engravings.
– Basic information on how to use the machine, from unpacking to first cut.

What i don´t do
– House calls, as i´m located in Sweden it´s impossible
– Phone calls, i´m a single dad with twins in the house, phone calls are pretty much impossible 🙂
– Any tutoring or error checking when it comes to engraving.

Lasers are one of my hobbies, i try to help as much as i can when someone asks but i can´t do the whole 9 yards trough Facebook or email, it takes too much time to going trough everything step by step.
There is no set hourly cost, as there is me telling you something and when you checked it you come back to me with the findings, i can´t charge you for your time, i can charge for my time though.

Feel free to fill in the form below and describe the problem you have and i´ll give you a quote on a step-by-step solution for you.

Before you fill out this form, visit the Facebook group and see if you can find any similar problems you have. Use this offer as a last resort 😉

I don´t do this to make money, i do it because many have asked for it.
All income from this training is donated to “Barncancerfonden“, Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.