July vacation and some other news!

July vacation and some other news!

July vacation times
July 5th to 31st we have vacations wrapping around us two working with packing parcels, there is always at least one available every weekday to pack up orders. Due to this the 24hr guarantee is no longer active – it´s 48hrs for July.
August 1st the 24hr guarantee is back again.

Store reboot
The first months after the store “reboot” has passed and i´m happy i took the time to make the changes and upgrades.
For new readers, long story short – the store grew too quick so we closed it a month in February-March to catch up.

Since the pause…
– 99% of all orders in stock are shipped within 24hrs, last 90 days we missed two (out of 1255).
– Parcels with problems or delays has decreased tenfold, from 18% to 2.2%
– Process of picking parts, packing orders and ship them has speeded up
– Better flow of parts out of stock, parts are on their way before its out of stock in the store.

The journey is not done yet, a lot of changes still in the works.

24hr guaranteed shipping/fulfilment
From March 18 we guarantee that your order is shipped within 24hrs from completed payment – if it takes longer than 24hrs you get 50% off!
In a short future, we aim to lower this guarantee too same day shipping.

Premium support
We launched premium support for our customers, or for you that need help quicker.
Every day our website is visited by 2000-5000 people, most looking at our guides and how-to which has been saturated the support queue with questions, until now we had no solution to separate customers and regular website visitors which caused a huge delay on support queries sent.
To start with only customers are sorted to the premium support queue automatically, after the summer vacations you can also buy it if you need help but didn’t buy products from us – read more here.

New stock locations, UK and Germany
Shortly we will be able to send parts from UK and Germany direct from our local warehouses.
UK is first out with a pallet of parts on the way already (Crawley/Gatwick). Germany (Düsseldorf) coming in August.
We are also looking in to expanding to Italy were a lot of orders coming from.
With local warehouses we can now offer heavier products like power supply, laser tubes and laser machines shipped locally, taxed and customs cleared without heavy shipping costs.

The old system for handling support requests are gone, burned and out of the servers. Read more here
When writing this response-time is a tad high due to the reason mentioned above in premium support. This support queue will be eliminated this upcoming week!.
We also split the regular FAQ-questions and the store-questions in to separate departments so we can focus on order stuff first.
But please – i beg you, if you have received a auto-reply from the support – do not send another email, it will not not not make a reply to you quicker, it will slow it down due to dual, trips and sometimes quadruple amounts of emails to go through – thank you for the understanding!

There has been no time to be available on Facebook lately, on a regular day i get 50+ direct messages. It´s just impossible to help all of you. We also closed the DM function on our Facebook page to be more efficient through our CRM system where we have all order, shipping and other data about your order.
If you need to contact me – do this at hp@hawklaser.com . i can not – NOT check order status, shipping details or other order related questions on this email – send questions like that to support@k40laser.se

Thats all for this short blog post

Feel free to hit me up with tips, tricks or constructive criticism in the comments.
(personal questions about order statuses/issues will be filtered out – personal stuff is solved on support@k40laser.se as the question and reply is only interesting for you)

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