Do we need a real forum for the K40 lasers?

The k40 users are increasing every day, some stay with the K40 and others upgrade to bigger machines when comfortable with them.

There is many groups on Facebook and Google+ discussing these machines, problems and upgrades.
The biggest problem is for a new user to find the good parts, and not just the questions asked by others. That´s one of the reasons i started this site to have a source of information.
But a forum is more user-contributed, where you visitors can contribute, discuss and share experiments and experiences with the machines.

Facebook is awesome, but content is going down further deep into the archives very quickly and if you are away from Facebook or Google+ a day or two you may miss a lot of good stuff.

Many users has asked me to install one on this site, to combine my articles with the forums better and get more people to write articles.
This is not a action to kill the groups on Facebook or Google+, rather a compliment where deeper discussions and facts, how-to´s and similar can be found easier.
Trying to search for a old good post on Facebook is very hard :)

Do you want a K40/Laser-forum on this website?

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