Support closed Monday to Wednesday – and we´re hiring!

Support closed Monday to Wednesday – and we´re hiring!

We have been battling a war with our current support ticket system, where tickets got compromised, some tickets completely random entered the system and got corrupt so they were never seen. This will be completely solved now!
Instead of testing and failing ourselves we hired people in the CRM branch – who eat and breathe solutions we are trying to achieve, they looked at our operations, what we needed and how to set up a lean solution to integrate all our systems, everything from order systems, courier data, Paypal, Stripe and other payment solutions to a complete overlook of support, social media, projects, bugs and problems, logistics and staff control.
New ticket system, new service provider, new email provider – we have removed all small possibilities for problems.
There will probably be some smaller issues the first days but it will still be better than whats been around earlier.

This is a big big change and it will solve all issues for good, we have been testing this the last week and flooding it with emails and ticket without problems at all.
I can see what we missed last time, were we went from regular emails to a ticket system – we never tested it properly and the bugs and problems came back to bite us in the a**, and now we are actually paying for a proper setup – when something goes wrong there is a 24-7 support to solve it for us. Our time should go to handling orders, creating new products and writing articles – not looking for bugs or fixing issues on open source software that is junk.

The new support system – a game changer

Starting Monday morning, when this is published the old ticket system is deleted and burned on a hot pile of trash. The new CRM and support system is installed and due to DNS-changes it might take up to 48hrs before everything works properly.

We´re hiring
We are looking for support rep´s, your work will be on the support and CRM system to help out with order questions, tracking parcels and delivery notices.
Hourly salary is €26 (before taxes) and taxes are paid in your country. We estimate that we need to employ 1-2 people right now and the daily load initially will be 3-5 hours per day.
You can speak and write English, if you know other languages its a bonus. German, French or Italian preferred as extra language.
You can do this job from wherever in the world you are – everything is done through our CRM system.
Interested? email

Orders are rolling out as expected, no issues at the moment. 99% of all orders (with parts in stock) are sent out within 24hrs.
There was a delay early April on some controller kits but its all solved now and all parts, bits and pieces are in stock once again after we got sent wrong parts.

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