Setting up your laser

First thing to do before you try anything with your laser is to check the electrical wiring in the machine – see this article about Electrical warning.

Please note
This guide is made from the standard configuration and products coming with the machine when you order it.
For more information about upgrades and optimizations, check out the other categories to the left.

Parts delivered with your machine

– The machine itself
– Exhaust fan and hose
– Water pump and tubing
– Manual with CD and USB-dongle

Some machines arrives with a tube of silicone, this is used to isolate the connectors on the laser tube when/if you need to change it. You do not need it for initial setup.

First step – software

On the CD delivered with your machine you have the software needed.
LaserDRW and CorelLaser is attatched, i would suggest using CorelLaser, less bugs and problems.
First install Corel Draw included on the CD, after that install the CorelLaser addon and you are done. See first run to set up your software.

Aligning the mirrors

This is one of the most important steps, and also the one who will make you say words not written in the bible.
Prepare good for the alignment with time and temper, hide the wife/man/kids and have some alone time, this will test your temper to never before seen levels 😉
Click here to read the complete article about aligning the mirrors.


Mount the exhaust fan on the back of the machine, use tape to make it air tight to the machine.
Click here to read the complete article about exhaust


You need the parts delivered with your machine, aswell as a tank to keep your coolant in. Suggested is 2-5 gallons. The more the merrier, small tank will get you above the preferred temperature quicker.
Click here to read the complete article about watercooling.

First run

In the last article we guide you trough the first cut or engraving.
Click here to read the complete article about first run.

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