Setting up your laser – First run

This page is work in progress, suggest changes or addons to it in the comments.

Step 1: Install Corel Draw 12, X4, X8 or similar version.
Step 2: Install CorelLaser

Open CorelLaser. You can use this template to start with, it has one engraving layer and one cutting layer.

When CorelLaser is installed you will find this menu.
Click on the green pen icon.


Control your settings so its identical to this screen.


Most important setting is the mainboard, you may need to change this later if your machine operates very slow (a first sign of wrong mainboard selected)
You can find information about wich board you have on the controller board in your machine.

Next setting is to check your hardware device ID, you can find this on the controller board, se image below

Check out the other settings and make sure you have the same on your settings.

You are now ready to start your first test with the machine

Start with the “rectangle tool” in corel, make a box with the size of your choise, i made a 54x40mm box.

Select the box as shown in the picture, and in the top menu you see a line width set to “hairline”.
Change this to 0.001 and hit enter.

You are now ready for your first cut test.

Select CUT in the corel menu, the icon marked here

Click OK on the data setting, we did this in a earlier step.
Make sure the settings are still there.

Now you have this setup box (click to expand)

To explain some of the settings
Company and model is just the data about your machine.
Rotate: if you need to rotate or flip your design for mirrored cut/engravings.
Style: Cutting, engraving and marking. For this test we choose CUTTING.
Inside first is a good option if you make parts, the machine will cut the inner parts first and then the outer, preventing the part to fall down without the inner holes are cut.
Speed: I have a 3mm acrylic piece in my machine, you may have to test the speed and the power on your machine when testing your cut.
I would suggest 12mA power and 10mm/sec to start with.
Method: If you have combined engraving and cut in the same file, you can choose here.
In the template before, we split engraving and cut in two different layers, this will help you to run the engraving first, and cut later.
Pixel: set this to 1 step, and Repeat to 1 times

You are now ready to hit STARTING

More tips and tricks
Test similar design to learn how power and speed relates on your machine, this is different on most K40 and you cannot use the same settings someone else has. You need to find your optimal combo.

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10 thoughts on “Setting up your laser – First run

  1. mirko

    hello, i have some problem with the setup of software. when i first connected the printer (just the electricity) my laser boot up and went to the origin (when there are the limit switches top-left). all normal but when i go inside the software and say inizialize machine it start going on bottom right corner searching for i think limit switches. i checked my parameters and they are all ok, do you have some suggestions?

    the laser when i inizialize the machine go for some time at nearly 45° than he rapid for like 5 cm to the right and it stopped.

    1. HP Persson Post author

      Make sure the end stops work, try activating them before the gantry goes to top left corner and see if it stops. Also check the cables to the end stops.

      1. mirko

        found the problem. was a faulty connection of the main power supply to the board. i just rebuild the cable and now is fine

  2. anurag

    Your explanation about the laser was very helpful. But I have a doubt about few parametes. What does it mean by pixel in the software? Is there any relation between the pixel and the DPI?

    1. HP Persson Post author

      It´s a bit diffuse, it can be used to interpret 2 or more pixels per motor step, which will make the outcome smaller, or leave bigger gaps in engravings. I have not tested this enough to know exactly what it does when cutting/engraving.

  3. Luca Schlegel

    Hi! I just recently bought a K40 and what I’ve observed is that my machine seems to cut vertically without any problems. Horizontally however the machine pretty much refuses to do anything, even on cardboard at 50% power at 10mm/s. The machine itself seems pretty weak to begin with. Have you experienced this before?

    1. HP Persson Post author

      Make sure the laser is aligned properly, if you hit a edge on the mirrors or on the lens you will lose a lot of power. Try that first!

  4. Marius

    Can you please give me an advice?
    I install the machine, it works fine if i dont press laser tube power switch. When i switch on power for laser tube i recive an error – machine disconects and conects to computer till it stop.
    I instaled the program to 3 pc to test and chaged the mother bord, and problem is still there. Can you help me please ? Thanx !

    1. HP Persson Post author

      Make sure your cables are connected properly, on the spot they need to be. Join the facebook-group for better help, where we can send you pictures and schematics of how everything should be connected.

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