Setting up your laser – Watercooling

This page is work in progress, suggest changes or addons to it in the comments.

Fill atleast 2 gallon tank with distilled water, submerge the pump and add the hoses to inlet and outlet.
Keep the return hose below water level to prevent bubbles.
Add a few drops of dish soap to keep bubbles down, run the water for 15-20min and check inside the machine at the tube, you cannot have any bubbles inside the tube. Tilt the machine to remove it, or add more drops of dish soap.
A personal suggestion is to add WaterWetter, found in auto parts stores to your mixture.

There is other suggestion on Facebook-groups and forums, of other mixes to add to the machine, i leave them out as i have bad experience with them, and i do warn for using anything other than distilled water. I wan´t my articles to be 100% safe for everyone to use.

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