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In this space we collect articles, posts and smaller news not related to the FAQ articles.
We might show whats going on right now, smaller updates or just plans and ideas on the bench for future products.

Lastest from The Blog

Gantry expansion for laser machines – V2

Prototyping and installing the last changes, my kitchen table had to fill in as workbench. If you bought our last... Read More

July vacation and some other news!

July vacation times July 5th to 31st we have vacations wrapping around us two working with packing parcels, there is... Read More

Support closed Monday to Wednesday – and we´re hiring!

We have been battling a war with our current support ticket system, where tickets got compromised, some tickets completely... Read More

Behind the scenes – laser head modifications

Some evenings are better than others, tonight its laser head modification night 🙂 We sell this modified in the store... Read More

More Potentiometer kits in the making

At the HQ, which is now at my home (more about that in another article) i occupied the... Read More

Buyers guide to the Chinese K40 laser

This article is aimed to you looking to buy a K40 laser machine, but want more information before you... Read More


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