K40laser.se laser parts store closing for two weeks middle of January

K40laser.se laser parts store closing for two weeks middle of January

The parts store of K40laser was from the beginning something i made on my spare time on evenings with 5-6 orders per week.
Today we are up to 50-60 orders per week and having a hard time with logistics, actual space in our shop and time to effective handling of orders and support questions.

I need to get back to zero, bring up the stock and make physical arrangements in all our parts and see what we really have in stock and what parts actually have a demand.
This will help me pack and ship orders quicker, have better view over sales and support enquires and for this i need a few weeks to only focus on this without a load of orders to take care of 🙂
I´m also looking into bringing on investors to keep the stock filled at all times in a bigger picture to ensure that a order can be shipped in 12hrs from order, as we could 6 months ago.
Right now i´m playing with my own wallet and the company money and it´s not enough right now with large holes every month when pretty much everything is out of stock.

Orders made up to 2019-01-14 will be delivered as usual. After the 14th the shop will close and all stock will be set to zero until we checked inventory and zeroed out all pre-orders and support questions.

If you need something from the store, order it before January 14th or wait until February!

As a side note, the store will not close forever, i just need a few weeks to remodel the storage room, install new software and packing routines and need to do this without pressure from waiting orders.
I will work as usual responding to support questions and send previous orders – the possibility to order new parts after the 14th will not work though!

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Comments (4)

  • Mark Haley Reply

    Hi does this mean I will not get my rotary 300 I ordered on the 1st of November last year as I am still waiting for it could you please update me on when I will be getting it

    Mark Haley

    12 January, 2019 at 23:20
    • HP Persson Reply

      I will work as usual the whole time, i will just not take any new order within this time period. If you have a open support request sent to support@k40laser.se i will reach your soon and see status for your order.

      13 January, 2019 at 00:14
      • markhaley Reply

        It is now February 2019 and still no reply on when I will get my rotary 300 I have emailed many times
        only to get a automated response and nothing about when I will get delivery could you please let me know when I am likely to get it.

        Mark Haley

        9 February, 2019 at 11:16
        • HP Persson Reply

          Sorry for your experience.
          Please note, if you have a email sent – wait – do not send more, it will move the query down to the bottom and treated as new.
          (this is to prevent anyone spamming to get a quicker reply than the ones waiting in queue)

          Currently only ~30 tickets in queue so replies now are chewed up pretty quick as we are two people replying to them.

          9 February, 2019 at 20:27

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