More Potentiometer kits in the making

More Potentiometer kits in the making

At the HQ, which is now at my home (more about that in another article) i occupied the kitchen table.
The most sold product if we don´t count optics, is the potentiometer upgrade kit.

This is on the table tonight

20 kits to be soldered tonight.

Last week with the store closed, the new opening is near and i´m aiming to have a clean support inbox and clean papers on pre-orders this week! Fingers crossed!

This blog post is more of a “what´s going on at the HQ” type of stuff, get a blink of insight of what´s going on “behind the beam” of the website and store.

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  • keeloi79 Reply

    Hello, were you able to resurrect the K40 Digital to Analog Conversion page? I have the newer/V2 PSU and want to know how I need to rewire up the system with my C3D.

    2019-03-28 at 01:29
    • HP Persson Reply

      You can use it the same way the digital one works. IN, 5V and G is the three pins you want to use on the PSU connected to your analog potentiometer. It´s that easy.

      2019-03-28 at 02:18

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