Store and support update and information

Store and support update and information

November was a really bad month for us. In a good way we increased orders from 50 per month to over 500 expedited orders in 45 days.
This put a lot of strain on me as a single company operator, aswell as keeping everything organized and follow up on support requests.

A few of you have probably experienced slow or even no arrival of orders within this time and i am truly sorry for this and have been working day and night to solve the orders with problems.
Amount of orders affected by these problems are around 3-5% of the total – not much of the gigantic increase of orders – but for me its 3-5% too much.

Last few weeks i have employed two great guys helping out with packing orders and shipping, as this has been a major problem earlier. We have dealt with both bad couriers that didnt hold up to the promise aswell as state post beeing saturated with the overflow the other courier couldn´t handle, from other companies in the city.
We have also installed a new support ticket system to better keep track of support requests and tasks to perform which have helped out a great deal for the organization.
Since December 1st we are only using Swedish State Post (PostNord) and only leave the parcels ourself on the sorting facility and every single order since this change has had no troubles at all. Earlier we had a pickup service at our location and we got tracking-id´s later with some problems when some orders was missing from these lists. This is a no problem any more and fully solved.

Cancellation of orders and refund
I fully understand if some of you want to cancel the order and get a refund. This is no problem at all and we accept this for everyone asking.
If you want to cancel, or just know the status of your order – send a message to
On a refund request, we will check your order status and if its stuck, not sent due to low stock or other problems we will refund you as soon the courier has confirmed the parcel is not delivered and can be stopped and returned. This often takes a day but now close to christmas we have seen up to 48hrs (on week days).

%-off refund for waiting.
All of you that have been waiting more than normal shipping time will get a % kickback on your order value. We have not decided yet how much but it´s not more than fair that we show some understanding for the wait and trouble some of you have experienced. This will be carried out when the parcel has arrived to you. You do not have to “apply” for this, it will be carried out on all orders with excessive delivery or shipping time.

A short note about our support ticketing system.
This system catergorizes each user in tabbed views, oldest ticket is shown first to me to respond to.
If you send a new ticket every day before i have a chance to reply to it – your tickets will be grouped together in the bottom treated as new on every new email sent.
I don´t like this feature much, but its logically the user waited most time gets a reply first – and not the one sending a new email every day.
If you have sent a support request – it is received and in our system, please wait on reply. We know the system is saturated right now and when writing this there is still 18 unsolved tickets even as the most part of the day is spent on answering them.
If you wait on a reply – hang tight, i will get to it – you are not forgotten! This will help a lot with keeping the amount of duplicate tickets down and me to quicker help all of you out!

Other information
Please don´t use facebook messenger to ask about your order – when i´m online on Facebook i am probably at home and no access to the data needed, and it´s very hard to keep track of each of you saturated in my messenger inbox amongst friends, family discussions and whatnot 😉
Feel free to hit me up and ask about lasers, talk about your setup – i love to see what you guys are doing and making with your machines! I´m not forbidding you to ask me on Facebook, just that when i´m online i might not be able to see anything regarding orders 😉

If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to email me at (for order status questions, please use

Again, i apoligize for the problems occured earlier and i now start to see the light in the tunnel with most delayed orders shipped out and most problems solved for everyone!

a short addon – all orders for December are rolling as usual and has no problems  on delivery delays.

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Comments (2)

  • greg greene Reply

    Ah, the joys of success !
    I’m sure you’ll work it out
    and for I thank you for your help and assistance

    Merry Christmas ! – or whatever that is in Swedish!

    73 de VE7GPG

    11 December, 2018 at 01:32
    • HP Persson Reply

      Merry christmas in Swedish is “God Jul” 😉 And thank you!

      11 December, 2018 at 01:55

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