Cleaning your laser tube

Cleaning your laser tube

Sometimes there is a need to clean your tube, you may have got algae growth or mineral deposits inside the tube.

Empty your tank, fill it with tap water and empty it.
Buy a couple of litres vinegar and do a 50-50 mix with cold tap water and start the pump and let it run trough your system over night, check the status next day and run it more if needed.
Repeat if needed, and go with a 75-25 mix if the first didnt do any change.
You do not need much, it´s better to have less collant when cleaning, more effective. Loop+tube is about 1.5 litres. Try with 2L to keep the pump submerged.

Do not use your laser with this mix in the tank, not likely bad but to be on the safe side.

Be careful with vinegar or other additives or stronger fluids to clean your tube if you run it for longer periods. It may affect plastic, rubber and metal parts in your water loop and pump.
Thanks to Akos Balog for mentioning this!

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  • Akos Balog Reply

    Be careful with vinegar and the rubber parts of the pump (feet, and the small rubber part at the axis). It will destroy the rubber parts very fast. (overnight is enough)

    30 January, 2018 at 17:48
    • HP Persson Reply

      Thank you! I have added a little warning about vinegar in the article!

      5 February, 2018 at 09:46
  • Alex Reply

    The vinegar does a crack job at clearing up any brass fittings in the system. The warmer the water is, the better the effect.

    2 October, 2018 at 11:22

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