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I personally coined the expressions “smoke assist” a year ago when i was trying to explain to new users what the difference is on air assist and smoke assist, and what the two different techniques should be used for :)

What is smoke assist?

Smoke assist is a helping hand to keep your mirror or/and lens clean of the smoke generated by the lasing work.
The exhaust should only do the work of transporting the smoke from the exit to the end of the hose, nothing else.
The smoke assist helps moving the smoke from the cut area to the exit where the exhaust fan takes over.

With the smoke assist you can use less powerful exhaust fans, as the exhaust doesnt need to put the machine casing under negative pressure to clean out the smoke, the smoke assist helps with this.
Common airflow and air dynamics, what you want is a flow trough the machine with air, from the smoke assist fans -> exhaust fan.

Easiest solution for a smoke assist

Add fans, doesn´t matter what fans, i used my daughters hair dryer the first weeks and later changed to two 50mm 12v DC fans mounted in the front of the machine blowing air over the bed.
Later on i added more fans inside the machine on my laser head to keep the lens clear.
For bigger machines you need bigger fans, like 120mm computer fans.

This laser head is custom made by me, not a original product.

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3 thoughts on “Smoke assist

  1. Cody

    I am considering putting 2 smaller computer fans, maybe 50-80mm in the front of my machine with holes cut for air intake, along with a 150cfm squirrel cage fan at the exit from my building, will this work well?

    My thinking is if I seal the lid better and have a larger exhaust fan that having the two little ones sucking in fresh air to blow over work piece would move the smoke out fast with less escaping into my house.

    1. HP Persson Post author

      Yes, anything that helps the exhaust will do better than no fans at all. Pushing air in will increase the pressure a bit so the exhaust has less negative pressure to make (to pull the air out).
      The best ratio is somewhere about 1:0.9 where the intake is a bit less than output, to prevent smoke from being pushed out trough cracks in the case.
      If you already have the squirrel fan, use it. If you going to buy one check out the inline fans instead, and keep it at the end of the hose, not back of the laser.

      1. Cody

        Thanks I already have the fan, it was off a Pellet stove that failed, so its free. I was going to mount it right at my window exhausting outside through a dryer vent type setup. It has flaps that close so rain doesn’t come in etc.

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